What is the difference between the darknet and the deep web and what can be found in the darknet?

By and large, the deep web is an ordinary Internet page. Their main difference from the sites available to you is only that they are not indexed by search engines and hyperlinks from public resources do not lead to them.

Unlike darknet, it is possible to access the pages of the deep web using a standard browser, but for this you need to have a direct link to the resource. And these links, unlike the usual ones, often contain a large number of random alphanumeric characters, which complicate the selection of the address.

Most deep web resources are information that is not intended for widespread use, such as archives of companies and government agencies, catalogs, database access services, libraries, and the like.

Darknet or Onion networks are no longer available without the use of special software, such as the Tor browser. They provide anonymity to both services running on this subnet and users.

That is why stolen files, user database drains, illegal software, etc. are sold on the Darkenet on trading platforms, for which you can run into trouble on a regular network.

There are also no copyright holders in the Onion network, so piracy there has reached a “modern new level”.

If you have ever encountered the situation of deleting a digital file “at the request of the copyright holder”, be sure that this file is absolutely freely available on the Darkenet.