Rostelecom: The database of the application “Public Services stop coronavirus”, published on the darknet, is invalid

The database of the application “Public Services stop coronavirus” published in the darknet is not valid. This was reported to CNews by a representative of Rostelecom. The results of the company’s internal audit showed that the published data was generated outside the system and is not related to the current user base of the application.

After reports of information leakage, a random check of QR codes was carried out and their inactivity was confirmed.

The generated database contains the first letters of the full name, date of birth and the last four digits of the passport. These data are not personal, Rostelecom says.

BI.ZONE found ads on the darknet selling fake QR codes for restaurants

Since June 28, 2021, the capital’s restaurants and cafes have been allowed to visit only by a QR code, which proves that a person has recently been ill, vaccinated, or passed a PCR test and is healthy. You can get a QR code in the electronic medical card in the mobile application “EMIAS.INFO” or on the portal , on the website , a single portal of state and municipal services or in a specialized application “Public services. Stop coronavirus”, the registry office or the infomat of the city polyclinic.

“BI.ZONE specialists found at least ten ads for the sale of QR passes on shadow forums. These ads were published back in May. Initially, they contained information about the purchase of fake vaccination certificates and their entry into the database of “Public Services”. However, after the decision of the Moscow authorities to introduce QR codes, the attackers edited the description of the ads and added information that the buyer would be able to generate a real QR code. The average price of a document in the darknet is 11 thousand rubles,” Voloshin said.

According to the company, ads about QR codes for restaurants appeared last weekend, while at least 50 positive reviews of those who used the illegal service have already been revealed on the forums.

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